Rene Cell Special Skin Care Mini Collection

SGD 158.00SGD 198.00

“Combining the 11 products and Hicro Q Premium Ampoule for more balanced skin care!” Product Features • Takes care of fundamental skin troubles by helping the improvement in the skin regeneration speed with Rene-cell Age Reverse System³. • Balanced skin care with the 12-product set that makes the skin flawless • Special skin care with Hicro Q Premium Ampoule added to the 11 best sellers and steady sellers from Rene-Cell Product Component • Placen Enzyme Sub-Acid Wash Powder 80g • Placen Magic System 1 5ml x 5EA • Placen Magic System 2 5ml x 5EA • Multi Peptide Toner 200ml • Hicro Q Premium Ampoule 120ml • Absorber Hyaluronic Serum 30ml Application method Wash Powder – Placen Magic System 1,2 – Multi Peptide Toner – Hicro Q Ampoule – Hyaluronic Serum – Vitamin C Face Serum – Recovery Serum – Peptide Cream – Renewal Cream- Supreme Sunblock – Blemish Balm BB Cream

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