Rene Cell Special Skin Care Collection (Limited Edition)

SGD 800.00SGD 1,600.00

1) Placen Enzyme Sub-Acid Wash Powder - True cleansing is essential for bright and clear skin - Fermented rice enzyme & natural papaya enzyme / p.H 5.5 sub acid / Mild Cleanser - Remove impurities and brighten up skin tone 2) Placen Magic System 1 & Placen Magic System 2 - A mild skin remover and a highly enriched pack that deeply nourishes dry, rough skin - Helps heals damage skin / improve skin texture / Nourish skin - Contains AHA and Multi-Peptide 3) Multi Peptide Toner -Perfect combination of peptide complex and patented ingredients - Deep hydrating effect / Firming effect for sagging skin - Soothe and improve skin condition / Mild moisturizing toner contain Hyaluronic acid gives shape to sagging skin 4) Absorber Hyaluronic Serum - Hydrating energy enriched with hyaluronic acid - Tea tree oil and Panthenol deep hydrating effect / Firming effect for sagging skin 5) Vitamin C Face Serum - For bright and clear skin - Brightening effect / Improve skin barrier function / Highly Pure vitamin C - Improve dull skin tone / Minimize pores / Epigenomly prevents damage skin 6) Absorber Dermal Recovery Serum - Highly enriched serum for youthful , firm, glowing skin - Forms a 24hrs protection moisturizing layer with Vitamin A & E & Jojoba oil - Creates naturally glowing and radiant skin / Strengthen skin / prevent damage skin 7) Absorber Peptide Cream - Create by bio-engineering for multi care - Heals and prevent skin damage - Enrich with EGF, Vitamin A, Rosamax and multi-peptide prevents rough skin 8) Placen Skin Shield Renewal Cream - A skin friendly hydrating cream with exceptional moisturizing power - Formulated with NMF / Revitalize and soothe skin irritated by environmental stress 9) Absolute Supreme Sunblock SPF 50+/PA+++ - Block UV A & B rays / prevent sun damage - Mild texture for sensitive skin - Create a radiant tone perfectly blend into make up - Patented plant ingredients protect skin from sunlight and soothe irritated skin 10) Placen Blemish Balm BB Cream - A tone correcting BB cream for clear and bright skin - Covers blemish / smooth application / enriched with moisturizing ingredients - Nourish damage skin / even out skin tone / Heal damage skin

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