Organist Herb Vinegar Nutritional Conditioner 500ml

SGD 12.00

[Description] 1. Powerful natural vinegar to care both scalp and hair 2. In ancient time, ladies hairs were shiny without any chemical ingredients. It contains ancient ladies wisdom for shiny hair with one drop of fermented vinegar 3. Nature loving, Eco friendly ingredients 4. Free from Silicon, Paraben, Petroleum based Surfactant 5. Contains fermented Thyme, Lavendar, Rosemary and Rosehip vinegar 6. Scalp and hair care for Refreshing scalp, smoothing hair 7. Clean and refreshing scalp by cleansing scalp Hair and scalp get smooth and healthy with nutrients and optimal balance 8. pH 5.2~5.7 acid balanced shampoo 9. Care hair that is tired of permanent treatment and coloring by keeping oil & water balance [How to use] Use after shampooing, on wet hair. Use small amount apply evenly and gently massage into hair. Rinse thoroughly with water after 1 minute

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