On The Body Superfood Body Wash Trio Set 500ml x 3pcs

SGD 25.00SGD 36.00

On The Body Superfood Body Wash Trio Set inclusive of Coconut 500ml x 1pc / Avocado 500ml x 1pc / Lemon 500ml x 1pc [Description] The natural body wash presenting health to your skin with superfoods full of edible nutrition 1. Supplies nutrition to your skin with rich protein and minerals. 2. Reducing the use of unnecessary toxic chemical component! A skin-friendlyformula with less chemicals. 3. A mild prescription without 5 additives (Paraben, animal-derived ingredients, mineral oil, triethanolamine, & benzophenone) 4. The whole family including your children and husband can easily use without burden quicker rinsing than the existing products of our company. 5. The quick cleansing system better for nature! [How to use] 1. Pour appropriate amount on bath towel and create lather 2. Massage all over body and rinse with water

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