FIJI 100% Soluble Laundry Power Sheet 30s x 2 boxes

SGD 38.00SGD 40.00

[Description] New concept 100% water soluble power detergent sheet type. Using Papaya Enzymes and Baking Soda helps cleaning & remove odor. 3-in-1 functional sheet (Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener and Static Control) Works with all types of washer (Top Load / Front Load / Hand wash) Travel friendly, light weight, no mess, low studs [How to use] Place 1 sheet directly on top of full load clothes inside the washer Start washing cycle, detergent sheet will be fully dissolve, no residue left. Laundry smell fresh and nice. Great for indoor drying too. *Tips: 1/2 sheet for 3kg load / 1 sheet for 7kg load / 1.5 sheet for 10kg load

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