A.H.C Premium Vital C Complex Cellulose Mask 5ea

SGD 25.00SGD 59.00

[Description] A.H.C Premium Vital C Complex Cellulose Mask is the third upgraded version to deal with dehydrated skin and dull skin tone problem. The Bright Vital Complex Enriched System makes radiant and moisturizes complexion with bright skin tone. 1. Whitening: Vitamin C contained in lemon extracts helps to brighten and vitalize skin, and prevents melanin generation. 2. Moisturizing: It has superior hydrating effect than general masks, provides moisture and nutrition for dry and rough skin 3. Repairing and Nourishing: Rose water can calm skin and tighten pores, and inject serum for nourishing treatment. It enhances skin elasticity and keeps a fresh complexion through soothing and energizing functions. [How to use] After completing the cleaning step, put on the mask. Wait around 20 to 30 minutes then remove the mask, massage gently for better absorption of essence. *Suggested to store in refrigerator for better result and sensation. The thermometer icon behind the package changes to green after it turns to around 4-7 degree Celsius.

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