A.H.C Premium Phyto Complex Cellulose Mask 5ea

SGD 25.00SGD 59.00

[Description] A.H.C Premium Phyto Complex Cellulose Mask is the third upgraded version to prevents a loss of elasticity of skin and rejuvenating nutrient. Skin friendly concentrated collagen, fermented soy extract, organic soy extract prevent a deformation and a destruction of elastic cells in the skin It delays a pace of again process of skin and forms a strong protective film to retain the skin flexible and vital [How to use] After completing the cleaning step, put on the mask. Wait around 20 to 30 minutes then remove the mask, massage gently for better absorption of essence. *Suggested to store in refrigerator for better result and sensation. The thermometer icon behind the package changes to green after it turns to around 4-7 degree Celsius.

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