[1+1] Organist Morocco Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo 500ml x 2

SGD 20.00SGD 26.00

[Description] 1. Hair healing therapy with herbal fermented vinegar & natural oil 2. It is called Liquid Gold by women of Berber natives, southwest region of Morocco. They valued argan oil for its nutrients and hydration abilities. 3. Nature loving, Eco friendly ingredients 4. Free from Silicon, Paraben, Petroleum based Surfactant Contains Fermented vinegar from natural herbs, and natural Argan Oil 5. Intensive care for overworked hair due to frequent perms and dyeing 6. Treat frizzy and broken hair with Morocco Argan Oil for smooth and radiant hair 7. Healthy changes of damaged hair 8. Miracle charger in hair made of geological structure fills the cuticle gap and prevents nutrient loss {How to use] Place a small amount in the palm. Massage into wet hair and scalp and thoroughly rinse off with warm water

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